Asbestos: The Analyst’s Guide - revised schedule of accreditation

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Asbestos: The Analysts' Guide (HSG248) is the guidance for analysts involved in asbestos work. It is the authoritative source of asbestos analytical procedures within Great Britain. This guidance has been extensively updated to take account of findings from Health and Safety Executive (HSE) interventions and developments in analytical procedures and methodology. It provides clarification on technical and personal safety issues, especially in relation to sampling and 4-stage clearances.

Pattinson Scientific Services have reviewed this revised document and implemented the necessary changes to our systems & procedures. A declaration of this implementation, along with supplementary evidence was supplied to UKAS (the National Accreditation Body for the United Kingdom).

We are happy to confirm that our declaration and all evidence provided has been accepted in support of the transition to HSG248 Ed2 and these changes were reflected on the 1st Feb 2022 when our revised schedule of accreditation was published. This gives confidence to all of our customers that here at Pattinsons, we are committed to ensuring that our policies and procedures are continually reviewed & updated and that the services we provide can be relied upon.

Our updated schedule of accreditation can be found here:

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