Celebrities help raise awareness of asbestos dangers on DIY projects

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The British Lung Foundation have recently joined forces with a number of celebrities including their Vice President Dame Judi Dench, builder Tommy Walsh, broadcaster and designer Kevin McCloud and TV handyman Craig Philips, to launch a campaign to warn DIYers about the risk of asbestos materials which may exist in their homes.

DIYers can visit www.lunguk.org/asbestosadvice and ensure they know how to identify asbestos in their home before they carry out any odd jobs which may disturb this material.

Kevin McCloud Said "I think it's important to support the British Lung Foundation's campaign to protect people from the devastating asbestos-related disease Mesothelioma. In my line of work I am fully aware of the dangers of asbestos but unfortunately many people don't think it exists anymore. This is very serious given the amount of DIY that is done in homes across the country."

If you are unsure about asbestos in your home, Pattinson Scientific Services can give advice on the issue and can carry out identification of suspect materials and arrange any remedial actions required if necessary.

For peace of mind - don't risk it!

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