Developing the quality of asbestos training

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Pattinson Scientific Services are members of IATP (Independent Asbestos Training Providers) and as such, are committed to raising the quality of training in this sector.

In order to achieve this, IATP is now working in partnership with OCN Credit4learning, who are an independent body who will verify each IATP member who opts for the scheme.

Pattinson Scientific Services is opting into the scheme, meaning that the courses we deliver will be independently verified by OCN Credit4Learning, which in turn provides our clients with the quality assurance, and confidence that an independent third party is objectively checking and supporting the standards of the training provided.

Christine Winter of IATP highlighted the benefits:

"IATP is a community of Asbestos and H&S Training Providers / Professionals. As an organisation we not only raise awareness of the dangers of asbestos exposure but we also link up and work cooperatively with organisations across the globe, campaigning for the worldwide ban of mining and exportation of asbestos. As advocates of education and information we strive to improve the standards within our industry sector."

IATP, in partnership with OCN Credit4Learning, have now designed, delivered and accredited all types of asbestos training for IATP Members to deliver within the industry setting. Previously there had been no recognition for the annual training asbestos workers must undertake as legislation dictates, and crucially this partnership allows us to bench mark a standard that is moderated / audited by an educational body- OCN Credit4Learning- which is totally independent from the asbestos industry.

This initiative will do much to ensure not only quality training standards but safe working practices. Asbestos is a Hidden Killer. In 2009, a staggering 90,000 deaths worldwide were related to asbestos. The death rate continues to rise. With the support of OCN Credit4Learning our aim is to encourage training providers to deliver the accredited OCN Credit4Learning syllabus across the UK and Northern Ireland. Who knows, in the future other countries may adopt this training standard and methodology.

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